My Perfect Jean Jacket

Finding my perfect jean jacket was one of my favorite experiences because I finally realized what my style was.

For the longest time I had no idea how to describe the kinds of clothes I liked to wear. People would come to me so excited to tell me that they saw a dress, or purse, or hat, or other lovely piece that reminded them of me. I was always so surprised by this. I thought it was so crazy that they knew and I didn’t.

A couple years ago I really wanted a jean jacket. I had never actually had one before. Not being able to decide I ordered about 7 from Macys. I sent my sister a few pics of my favorites.

My sister texted back and said that since my style was very feminine and put together I should look for one that is more fitted and is cropped at the waist to give it a more tailored look. I was shook by her description. She described my style so perfectly. I instantly knew what I wanted. I found my perfect jean jacket.

If you are like me and your style is feminine classic I suggest looking for a jean jacket with similar features. It will lend itself well to wearing with fit and flare dresses, high waisted skirts, and fitted tops.

Nice jean jackets can be a little bit of an investment but I think they are so worth it! I wear mine all the time. It’s great for cool California nights and the frigid NYC Subway air conditioning. They are timeless and versatile. 

They are perfect to throw on for errands over workout clothes. And they look lovely over a sweet day dress

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